Baby Shoes

The activity on the bloog has been non existent during the previous 2½ year. I have attended the Swedish military academy Karlberg and the week after midsummer I’ll be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Swedish armed forces. But enough about that! I was asked by two friends to make a pair of shoes … More Baby Shoes

Carnis Carnevale

Some weeks ago we had the annual meeting of the medieval association Fraternis Militia Carnis. After the somewhat bureaucratic meeting we had a traditional medieval Carnevale. The feast before the fast when you said goodbye to meat. In other words eating a lot of it. According to tradition we were dressed up as medieval people dressed up … More Carnis Carnevale


Party in my new tent! As it was the first time I got to use my new tent I found it appropriate to post a picture from the party we had in it. Some lovely guest in the tent during the event. Fist time we put it up! Inside the tent


After participating in the reenactment of the Battle of Azincourt 2015 which also is the 600 year anniversary of the actual battle I thought it was high time for me to start my own reenactment blog. Everyone else seems to be doing it 🙂 I’m reenacting the historical person Mikael Nilsson. He was an esquire … More SALVE MUNDI